Designs and inspiration - Wedding cakes

Choosing your cake

Apart from the bride, the wedding cake is usually the main focus of most receptions. Cutting the cake is an important tradition, and an even more important photographic occasion. So choosing the perfect cake for you is a task you should not consider lightly.


Today's bride is more inclined to use her imagination to think of different shapes for her wedding cake. While there is still a strong demand for the traditional circle shape , we are finding that squares, hearts, ovals and even hexagons are becoming popular. For a modern look, some brides are choosing their tiers to be made in different shapes e.g. a combination of a square, a circle and an oval.

While the traditional tiers are still selected, the plastic pillars which separated them are being phased out and they are being replaced with cake tiers stacked directly one on top of the other.

A cake which resembles a stack of presents is popular. Each cake is styled as a square gift box which has been covered in various brightly coloured gift wrapping and tied with a bow. Boxes are then packed one on top of the other and the ribbons are allowed to cascade down the sides of the cake. Simple, but stunning! If you're not so adventurous you could effectively tone down the bright colours by using pastel shades in their place.

Flavours and Icing

Cakes layered with fillings are being requested by today's modern bride. The demand for Chocolate continues, and today we are seeing cakes iced with dark chocolate icing and decorated with and an assortment of sweets. Chocolate cakes decorated with chocolate dipped fresh strawberries and other fruits are emerging. While fondant icing is still popular, today's modern bride often opts for a more informal look, by choosing to have her cake covered with frosting. Cakes iced with a shiny chocolate ganache are also being sought as a stunning alternative.

At Cakes Plus we have many decadent cake flavours for you to choose from and a complimentary range of icings and fillings.


Many brides are opting for using fresh flowers such as orchids, lilies and roses on their cake. Fresh flowers are best placed on the cake within a couple of hours of the reception to ensure their optimum freshness. Important Notes: 1) Some flowers are toxic, so you should work closely with your decorator and florist to ensure your choice of fresh flowers is safe. 2) As insecticides are generally used by growers to ensure flowers are presented at an optimum level, you should ensure your florist is aware that any flowers used for your cake decoration must be free of insecticides.

Brightly coloured cakes, with tiers coloured differently can create an impact in an otherwise bland reception venue. Rather than flowers, a burst of stars or hearts exploding from the top tier might just make that impact you are looking for. White and ivory coloured cakes featuring silk flowers and our beautiful hand made sugar craft flowers are still in demand.

Plastic cake toppers and plastic tiers are on the way out. Some brides are choosing more expensive cake toppers such as crystal decorations that can be kept, rather than thrown away.

For sentimental reasons, some brides are copying the cake top used at their parents or grandparent's wedding, others bring in a keepsake they wish to have incorporated into the design.

We want your special occasion to be full of fond memories. Call, our cake designer today to discuss these, and the many other available options with you.

If you are looking for a memorable masterpiece, tailor-made to suit your sense of style and satisfy your appetite then a Celebration cake created by Cakes Plus will add tasteful elegance to your special day.